Hats, among the most well known types of head wear, are items of clothing placed on top of the head. Specific traits make the hat different from other forms of headgear. For example, a hat is different from a cap; hats have elevated peaks or brims or both peaks and brims. Hats are also bigger than caps. Men and women place hats above their heads but women sometimes use hatpins to keep them in place. They push these hatpins into their hats and through their own hair.

Hat Sizes

To get a properly sized hat that fits right, you should know that in making hats, these are matched according to certain sizes of hats. Oftentimes, in buying hats, hats that aren’t too expensive are termed as either being smalls, mediums, large-sized or extra large-sized. The higher-priced hats are measured more accurately. These are made to fit precise sizes of heads. Such hats have their sizes labeled according to some particular number. Metric sizes for hats are measured based on the lengths of measured heads counted in centimeters. Typically, when measured size values are in between two of the centimeter marks, sizes are rounded up to the next centimeter.

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